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Change Your Life through Vision Boards Step-By-Step Guide

Author: Dark Soul X
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This is not your typical guide. This is a step-by-step, easy-to-follow guide on how you can get started with vision boards. You’ll be able to create an effective visual representation of where you want to be, and then take steps to make it happen.


About Dark Soul X

Myself Areej aka Dark Soul. I am in my last year of graduation with Psychology as a major. One of my areas of expertise is abnormal psychology—expert in REBT and Psychotherapy. As a result of my significant interest in subconscious mind reprogramming, I’ve finished various courses on the law of attraction, its practices, meditations, manifestation, and removing blockages and negative thoughts. I am on a spiritual journey and want to help others who are on the same path by sharing my techniques. I’m writing this book to assist you in manifesting your desires by utilising one of its tools, vision boards.In addition, I am a digital artist. I own and run my own e-commerce business.I am confident that you will have a fantastic time with me.

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Dark Soul X


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