Songbook with 22 songs by Hank Williams for the “Bluesharp” (diatonic harmonica in “Richter” tuning).Hank Williams (1923 – 1953) was one of the best known and most successful country musicians and songwriters in the USA. He has influenced numerous musicians and is always in the top third in all polls and listings – best singer, best songwriter, best artist. For example, Rolling Stone ranked him 13th in their list of “Best Songwriters of All Time”.The melodies were simply prepared with numbers / symbols and a bar line.The sounds (melody and ensemble and ensemble alone – “Playalong”) are available in an online player with variable speed.No knowledge of music is necessary – suitable for beginners – play by numbers!

About Reynhard Boegl

Reynhard Boegl – since 1984 live and studio musician (harmonica, guitar, vocals), music teacher, sound engineer, graphic artist and lyricist, song and textbook author.Lives and works in Linz / Austria and has published almost 100 song- and textbooks for various instruments.

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Reynhard Boegl, Bettina Schipp


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