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Another Medley of Murder Mystery Plays

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3 More Theatrical play scripts by Lee Mueller. Comedy murder mysteries.


A selection of 3 Comedy Murder Mystery Play scripts written by Lee Mueller.”Stay As Dead As You Are” – Haldeman High is having a class reunion. During the festivities, two people are injured by lawn “Jarts”. Luckily, Detective Joe Mamet is in attendance and plans to solve this attempted murder mystery.”Remains To Be Seen” – A body is found in a steamer trunk on the back of a “U-Move-It” rental truck. But as Detective Goodman and Badham find, it’s not as easy as tracking down the last person who rented the truck.”I’m Getting Murdered In The Morning” – During the garter toss at Brenda and Eddie’s Reception, a mysterious man is killed on the dance floor. The mysterious man has ties to both the Groom’s and Bride’s families. Nonetheless, “damage Control” guru – Mr. Parker believes everything is fine.

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