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Andy’s Origin

Author: Kim Schubert
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Taken from her Faery home, and stripped of her memories, Andy must learn how to navigate the nuisances of the world of humans. Being forced to relegate herself to the rules the morality, isn’t sitting well with her appetite.


About Kim Schubert

Kim Schubert has been accused of living in “lala” land on multiple occasions and believe me, she wishes it was true. No, contrary to popular belief she actually resides in Dallas, AZ with her fantastically supportive husband and son.Writing has been a secret closet hobby of Kim’s since she was able to read herself, she dabbled as she bounced from job to job earning a paycheck, not a living.All of that changed on July 3, 2011 when her little brother passed away. Writing was no longer a hobby, it was passion, a desire, a painful need to communicate all the emotions her subconscious was pumping out.Now she aspires to share her writings with the world.

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Kim Schubert


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