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A Christmas Tale: The Search for Santa’s Perfect Present

Author: Khalil Akil
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Jingle, an elf with a mischievous streak, teams up with Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer to find the perfect gift for Santa.


This is a short tale I wrote for the holiday season and if you take a look inside you’ll find a surprise. Some beautiful artwork by Arthur Ingram. Thank you for reading! (P.S. It’s Christmas ya Scrooge, you don’t want the Ghost of Christmas Past to haunt you over a dollar, huh. Please and Thank you.)

About Khalil Akil

I write stuff, I’m not that good at it, but I’m attempting to get better by writing more. As well, if possible, I’d like to get paid for the stuff I write. So you know, help me out. Also please leave reviews.

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Khalil Akil


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