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’53 on 35th, A “Silent Boomer’s” Recollections

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Can childhood be recounted without the magic of imagination? Can day begin without a sunrise? In what has been referred to as a work of imaginative nonfiction, this book dares to wrap a mantle of adventure around a few unusual youthful events lived in 1953 on a suburban street of Sacramento, California. It’s a story of heroes and sheroes, large and small, who explored the meaning of “kidhood.”


Can childhood be lived or recounted without the magic of imagination? Can day begin without a sunrise? ’53 on 35th, in what has been referred to as a work of imaginative nonfiction, dares to wrap a mantle of adventure around a few unusual events lived long ago.You’ll experience the year of 1953 as lived by the author and his companions in a fledgling suburb of Sacramento, California. Be advised that you will witness both the glories and foibles of a child’s life, replete with carefree laughter, intense sorrow, confused speculation, unquestioned faith, irrepressible curiosity and an all-consuming love of life. You’ll be served a rich plate of intrigue, suspense, wonderment, and adventure seasoned with both pathos and bliss as only a child can experience. As you sample the fare you may find yourself distracted from your own, present world and perhaps rekindle the memories of your own childhood past!This story, then, becomes a moment in time and place, full of its own songs, images, thoughts and awareness. The people introduced are/were real: they all lived and breathed in 1953, even those three, special characters/actors who occupied such an elevated place in the reverie. All three are gone now, and the few others that survive will be following them in due course. It will then be left to the reader to decide if all that was experienced and imagined was simply fiction. You’ll have to become part of the “Great Westward Movement” and a certified knight of the “Ghost Riders,” just as they did, to look for an answer.Or maybe you’ve already figured it out because of your own, unique memories! But only then will you find yourself debating whether one’s imagination is a factual element in time or not. And for the generation involved, as well as those since and those that are still to come, this story might have been and be duplicated on a hundred thousand other streets and avenues across the world in ways both as common and diverse as the various cultures allowed.(This eBook is an abridged version of the original paperback and has been stripped of all citations, annotations, and illustrations to provide a cleaner, trouble-free reading experience. Chapters 6 and 7, as well as a specially drawn map of 35th Avenue, have also been discluded for obvious marketing purposes.)

About J. Conran Meyer

Joseph Conran Meyer, a native of Sacramento, California, currently lives in Idaho Falls, Idaho, with his wife, Anna. He is the father of four, step-father of two, and presently the grandfather of 11. After graduating from Bishop Armstrong High School, he spent two years at Sacramento State College working on the side as a lumber mill hand.He enlisted in the U.S. Navy in October 1964 and eventually became an interior communications electrician in a submarine squadron. Honorably discharged in 1970, he then went to work as a lab tech assistant in a soil engineering firm. Drawn back to the ocean, he sailed as a merchant mariner across the northern Pacific for three venturesome years on the old modified T2 tankers of the Chevron Shipping Company’s Richmond fleet.Finally leaving the sea behind him, he worked in sequence as a custodian and audio-visual clerk in a local school district, a franchised retail/wholesale milkman, a big-rig truck driver, and a production supervisor/project manager with a Northern California fertilizer company.He is an avid reader, as was his mother, of all types of fact and fiction novels, biographies, journals, and short stories. He is a lifetime student of the history of the American Civil War. As a young man, he enjoyed playing baseball, football, motorcycle riding, back-packing, high diving, and the unique taste of beer when embellished with pickles, cheese, and crackers. As an older gentleman, he enjoys watching baseball and football, road trips by car, warm showers, velcro shoe straps, and the intriguing taste of oatmeal mixed with honey or blackberry jam! He has always been fascinated with mountains, pine forests, trains, libraries, museums, storytelling, and something he learned from his father: a good laugh.

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