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102 Useful Excel 365 Functions

Author: M.L. Humphrey
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An introduction to formulas and functions in Microsoft Excel. For users of Excel 365 and Excel 2021. Includes XLOOKUP, TEXTJOIN, and IFS.


Includes the incredibly useful newer functions XLOOKUP, IFS, and TEXTJOIN and over 65 screenshots. For users of Excel 2021 or Excel 365.One of the biggest strengths that Excel has is its wide range of functions that are essentially pre-programmed shortcuts that allow you to perform powerful analysis or transform your text and numeric entries in a wide variety of ways.This book covers 102 of the most useful Excel functions as well as providing an overview of how formulas and functions work in Excel and where you can find even more functions that meet your particular needs.It includes newer functions such as IFS, TEXTJOIN, and XLOOKUP and discusses the way that array functions now work in Excel, which means it’s for users of Excel 2021 or Excel 365. (If you have an older version of Excel, check out 50 Useful Excel Functions or Excel 2019 Formulas and Functions instead.)

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M.L. Humphrey


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